What is Très Press?

Très Press is a creative curated press-on nails brand by Lashington for the dynamic go-getters.

A set of transformational product which is so easy, quick to apply and can last anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks!

Enjoy a fuss-free set of nails on your hands within seconds without leaving your house!


What are the types Très Press available in?

“On the go” Très Press


“Bespoke” Très Press


What is “On The Go” Très Press?

  • A ready-made design of artificial nails
  • Consist of 20-24 nail tips
  • Complimentary Très Press kit included
  • 1-2 days order processing time
  • No nail measurement needed


What is “Bespoke” Très Press?

  • A customized design of artificial nails (design your own)
  • Consist of 10 nail tips
  • Complimentary Très Press kit included
  • 4-8 days processing time depending on order traffic
  • Nail measurement is needed as it is made specially to fit your fingers


What is Complimentary Très Press Kit?

A set of equipment given to fix your Très Press nail application 


Kit includes:

1x Nail file

1x Cuticle pusher

1x Alcohol swab

1x Nail Glue

2x Nail Tabs


How do I get to know my nail size?

Only “Bespoke” Très Press needs your nails measurements

Kindly contact our team through Whatsapp and we will guide you on how to do.


How to apply them?

There are 2 possible application techniques for Très Press nails

  • Nail glue
  • Nail tab

You will get a guide on how to apply them step by step within the kit.


How long does it last?

Nail Glue – up to 1 week depending on the aftercare

Nail Tab – up to 3 days depending on the aftercare


How to Remove it?

Guide on how to remove the nails is available within the kit


Why Très Press?

  • Simple & quick solution to be glam
  • Affordable price
  • Très Press is reusable!
  • Wudhu-friendly as it can be removed easily
  • You can request your own design
  • High quality