Silver Seoul Eyelash Extension Adhesive

    Silver Seoul Eyelash Extension Adhesive

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      Lashington's New Arrival Eyelash Extensions Glue

      Silver Seoul Adhesive

      For Professional Use Only


      ✅ Color: Transparent (light blue drop but transparent when touching lashes)
      ✅ Retention: 5 weeks
      ✅ Drying Time: 0.5 – 0.8 Seconds
      ✅ Viscosity: Low
      ✅ Fume: Very Low
      ✅ Ideal Humidity: 30 – 70%
      ✅ Ideal Temperature: 20-30 Degrees Celsius
      ✅ Shelf Life before opened: 12 months
      ✅ Shelf Life after opened: 2-3 months
      ✅ Double Purified Glue (fewer impurities)
      ✅ Sealed Nozzle
      ✅ Silver Seoul Adhesive is latex-free, formaldehyde-free & paraben-free
      ✅ Suitable for: Classic, Russian Volume, Kim K, Wet Effect , Hybrid, Pre Made
      ✅ Enough to perform 70 to 90 eyelash extensions sets, depending on the usage.
      ✅ Pin & Silica Gel included in the bag

      Please note:

      📌Please always store with silica gel as it absorbs moisture and keep things dry.
      📌Once opened, shelf life is around 2-3 months
      📌Don't store adhesive in the fridge. once you've opened it.
      📌You can store adhesive in the freezer before opening to prolong shelf life. let it sit in room temp for a minimum of 4hours to make sure to thaw the bottle before opening.
      📌Unopened Glue shelf life is around 12 months.
      📌Before use, please make sure you open the nozzle with the pin.
      📌For best result, make sure to wipe the nozzle with lint-free wipes after use.
      📌Store your adhesive in airtight container, upright position, in a cool dry place.
      📌Shake well before using.
      📌Before shaking the glue make sure to remove the lid and cover the nozzle with foil or lint-free wipes.
      📌Not suitable for self made eyelash extension

      Please patch test your clients 48 hours prior to their treatment.

      Weight/Volume: 5ml