Lash & Brow Foam Cleanser Shampoo The L Theory

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Eyelash & Eyebrow Foam Cleanser / Lash & Brow Spa

Our Lash Foam is perfect for all skin types, even for those with sensitive skin! Our Lash Foam helps keep lashes pristine, retention perfect and bacteria at bay!
Use Directions:

1. Apply Cleanser bubble on eyelash or eyebrows and brush it to cleans and remove residue

2. After thorough cleansing, use saline solution or eye cleanser to wash away bubbles.

3. Use clean cotton pads to remove moisture and preform finish touches with mascara brush or eyelash comb.

As part of your after-care routine:
Use at least once daily, twice if you wear make-up around the eyes. For best results use together with Make-up Cleanser & Protein Removing Pads.
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