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Adhesive Gel Remover 10ml

RM56.00 MYR

Adhesive Gentle Cream Remover 10g

RM58.00 MYR
1 review

Adhesive Rapid Cream Remover 15g

RM58.00 MYR
1 review

Black Berlin Eyelash Extension Adhesive

RM69.00 MYR

Brow Bomber Pro Kit Course

RM2,000.00 MYRRM2,500.00 MYR

Brow Henna Training Course

RM1,500.00 MYRRM2,000.00 MYR

BrowXenna Henna for Eyebrows (sachet-refill)

RM150.00 MYR

BrowXenna Mineral solution for henna mixing 50ml

RM100.00 MYR

BrowXenna Shampoo-foam for deep cleansing of eyebrows 100ml

RM130.00 MYR